About Haute-Loire Design
Haute-Loire Design is a small company based in Haute-Loire, Auvergne, France. My work is inspired by music and different cultures and I believe that those influences can be seen in some of my work.

In the shop you will find products from both me and other designers. It’s a choice I made to expand my range and be competitive.

My work
I have a small studio at our home where you can stop by and see my work. All of my jewelery is made by me in my studio and I do as much by hand as I possibly can, simply because I found it stimulating. You can also shop at my studio if you find something of interest to you.

Custom Production
I also make jewelry on command, you might have an idea that is vague or more complete and I try to fulfill your dreams. Feel free to contact me and maybe we can work something out, the world is full of opportunities!

Production time
I make my jewelry when you place an order, if you ask for a 19 cm long bracelet then that is what I do. Hand made products are great but that means time from order to delivery includes production time as well. Production time is normally 3 days so have patience you will have a unique handmade piece of jewelry delivered as soon as possible.


If you have any questions about Haute-Loire Design, please feel free to contact me.