Product Care

If you buy new jewelry I am sure you like to maintain and take care of them the best possible way. Here I will give you some advice that will help you keep the jewelery in good shape for a long period of time.

Maintain Leather
Leather is a lovely material however it is important to take care of genuine leather. Avoid to make it wet, eg. take it off when you are swimming, showering and all other occations when it can get wet. The leather is attached to the metal parts with the best possible glue and has dried for three days for best result. However, if the glue gets wet it may loosen.

Maintain Silver
Unlike leather, silver can get wet but obviously do not let it stay in water for a long time. If your jewelery is a combination of silver and leather and those two materials are attached with glue you must treat it as if it is leather, read above. Silver can get dirty and lose its gloss but can easily be put in order to regain its luster. There are many different ways to polish and I suggest you buy a environmental friendly product to polish.
If the silver is silver plated it is important to remember that plated layer of silver is thinner than solid silver. You can still polish it and keep it shiny but silver plated metal will eventually look different from solid silver when it is aging.

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel is easy to maintain, rinse with lukewarm water and rub away any coatings. You can use some form of fat solution if the dirt is hard to remove.

Wood is best kept dry. Therefore, take off wooden jewelry when you shower, swim, wash dishes or do other things where you risk bleeding your jewelry.

For best durability you should wash printed t-shirts on low temperature and always turn them in and out before washing them.

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